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The Line Of Beauty [13 Sep 2005|04:44pm]

Okay, so I shall get started with a first review! Apologies to anyone who reads my journal, I'm going to pop it straight in from there , just to hopefully get the ball rolling.

The first book I read for the Read was Line Of Beauty by Alan Hollinghurst, and it is my favourite yet. Following shall be my opinions on it, and I would love to hear yours, too! :D

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Please feel free to make entries on your own personal reads, I would love discussion to open right away! Also, please please plug this community on your personal journals - I would like to gather some more members for more thorough discussions :D

The Big Gay Reading List [09 Sep 2005|01:23am]

Here is the list, as posted on the official website, of books that are under consideration for the big prize :)) This is the list I have been working off as my current reading, and I hope for these to be the main points of discussion on the board :))

The List

Jake Arnott - The Long Firm
Amanda Boulter- Around The House
Michael Cunningham - A Home At The End Of The World
Julia Darling - Crocodile Soup
Stella Duffy - Calendar Girl
Patricia Duncker - Hallucinating Foucalt
Jeffrey Eugenides - Middlesex
Patrick Gale - Rough Music
Patricia Highsmith - Carol
Alan Hollinghurst - The Line Of Beauty
Jackie Kay - Trumpet
Armistead Maupin - Tales Of The City
Jamie O'Neill - At Swim, Two Boys
Dorothy Porter - The Monkey's Mask
Annie Proulx - Brokeback Mountain
Jan Rule - Desert Of The Heart
Shyam Selvadurai - Funny Boy
Colm Toibin - Story Of The Night
Sarah Waters - Tipping The Velvet
Jeanette Winterson - Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit

Under the cut are synopses of each book that I have squelched from amazon.co.uk, and the individual ISBNs (English ones only, sorry!), to enable you all to see which books you may wish to read that you haven't already.

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An Introduction [09 Sep 2005|12:43am]

Welcome! The Big Gay Read is a competition taking place in the UK, derived from last year's Big Read, in which a national vote is being cast until Februrary to find out Britain's favourite gay or lesbian novel. The overall winner will be announced in Manchester, in May 2006.

From Proulx to Hollinghurst to Maupin to whatever takes your fancy, it is the interest of this community to bring people together to enjoy and discuss initially the recommended reading list from the official website (www.biggayread.com), along with your own personal favourites.

I very much hope everybody here will be enthusiastic and open with opinions, and allow each and every person to state their opinions. There should be absolutely no bickering or insulting, or any hurtful remarks made - every comment should be reasoned and constructive, please :))

If you do join, please introduce yourself here on this post, and any suggestions for how best to discuss the books is more than welcome - I'm not sure whether to do one stock post for each book and have everybody comment and discuss there, or just have everyone post when they wish. All thoughts would be muchly appreciated :D

Hoping to see you join,

Kat (kat99999)

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